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Bulk flowers from sams club or costco?

Has anyone ever ordered flowers online at a wholesale store like costco or sams club? They have great prices, so I thought it would be a good way to cut costs for a wedding, but I dont want to regret it if they are crappy.

Bulk flowers from sams club or costco?
I cannot help with Sams or Costco, but if you are considering order tulips, check out this website.

they were great for me, I ordered 100 stems and put them together myself and had plenty left over for different things. They were shipped here from The Netherlands and were fresh and packed in ice since my wedding was last July, in Texas. Despite the extreme heat they were perfect and very cheap.
Reply:Always order a "sample" from ANY company, to see their quality before making them your florist.

In past experience though sams club usually does a good job with their flowers. Know nothing of costco's floral dept.
Reply:One of my good friends got her wedding flowers from Sam's Club and they were absolutely beautiful. She ordered from the store, though so I'm not sure about online... I wouldn't recommend ordering something as important as your wedding flowers online. There are too many things that could happen. Maybe go to the wholesale store in person and check them out.
Reply:Go to a flower wholesaler...not Costco or Sams. They might have lower prices, but you'll regret it in the end. Flower wholesalers are usually going to be open from 5am-1 or 2pm so get there early. They have the best quality and the prices are really great. You can buy in bulk and they will give you fantastic discounts. It will also give you the opportunity to see what colors are aorund and what will be the cheapest during the season. Try doing a search in yahoo local for flower wholesale in a large city near you. Good luck!
Reply:would you have to set them up yourself or do have someone to take of that for you? perhaps talk to a staff member at your nearest location and get a sample then you can actually put a face to your order its a big important wedding aspect that you need someone to consult with i think
Reply:don't do it........
Reply:THe thing is, they can be hard to work with. You order 1000 roses and you are shipped 1000 roses. You are responsible for soaking them for a day, getting them in vases or however you want them, removing the petals (you remove the outer petals), trimming the stems, and of course, setting them up. Who are you going to trust to do set them up? It will have to be done the day of the wedding and you and your bridal party will be busy with wedding stuff. I looked into it but it was far too much hassle for me and with having to purchase all the extras and spend my time doing it, I don't know that the cost difference would have been that great.

Either way, best of luck in your planning, your wedding and your marriage!
Reply:Only do this if you have someone who knows how to prep fresh flowers. Sams flowers are beautiful you must get them in at least 2 days before the event. It is a lot of work and you need the correct equipment to work with or you could damage the stem and kill the flower. So do some research and count the full cost before you do this.
Reply:They always "look" nice in the store.
Reply:I ordered the roses (hundreds of them) for my daughter's wedding from 2GRoses and, the day before the wedding, several of my friends came over and helped me arrange place card vases with the roses, baby's breath, and fern. The tables had individual cakes as centerpieces with the place card vases providing the touch of color and flowers. The guests took their little vases home as their favors. The roses were absolutely beautiful; I did order samples of about 15 different colors earlier in order to decide which color would work best. If you have somebody who can help with the arrangements, then I wouldn't hesitate. I also have a friend who used bowls of ivy as the centerpieces, with roses stuck in watering tubes into the ivy. It was lovely, and not terribly expensive.
Reply:I don't know about Costo, but I've used Sam's Club flowers for years and they are gorgeous. Never had a problem at all.
Reply:I know the prices are tempting, but I wouldn't do it for fear that the flowers will be crappy. I'd go with a florist or someone where I'll be able to SEE the flowers first.

If you're looking into cost-saving ideas, think about getting flowers from close family members' yards. You'll have beautiful bouquets and centerpieces at no cost, and plus they'll be meaningful!
Reply:I think you would regret it...big time!

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